Augusta Moore

Movement Coach

Ballet Teacher

Feldenkrais® Practitioner


Do you wonder why your right side feels so different from the left, why you can't efficiently lift your arms over your head, or why you have back pain?


Do you wish that there were a class that helped address personal core movement issues?


The Feldenkrais Method® gives a person an opportunity to sense and actually feel specifically how they are moving. Giving a person the chance to notice their habitual patterns in a meaningful way allows for them to obtain more optimal functioning in all walks of life.

Human beings have a vast capacity for learning yet we also have the tendency for developing habits that cause pain and undermine higher learning and efficient functioning.


In the Awareness Though Movement® class, students wear comfortable clothing and are vocally guided through a series of unfamiliar movements that stimulate untapped areas of the nervous system. The Feldenkrais Method® assists a person in learning to improve posture and breathing, reduce stress, tension, fatigue, ease pain and stiffness while increasing efficient and flexible movement. Because the The Feldenkrais Method® integrates movement

with thinking, feeling and sensing, it can also expand ones potential in other areas particularly creativity and problem solving.


Awareness Though Movement® classes are open to people of all levels of movement experience and fitness levels. Students are encouraged to go at their own pace and find what works best for them.


.." Augusta is a very gifted Feldenkrais teacher."

...." I moved my right shoulder for the first time in years!"

......." ATM classes give me the opportunity to get to know my body."

........." ATM class is my physical meditation."

..........."I have rediscovered my joy of performing." Principal dancer SFB

............."Augusta has taught me how to heal myself."  SF school of the arts student




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